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News from Monika & Michal
Our trip – what's up with us
From Pacific via SE Asia to South America

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Photos from Monika & Michal
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News from Monika & Michal
Our trip – what's up with us
This is to let you know what happened to us after Pacific Islands adventure on Seawanhaka.

After we got off the boat we flew to Australia, to Cairns, to come back to civilisation, which we missed a bit during 2 months on the boat. You know all the staff like McDonald's, internet, ice cream, etc. ;)

Then, the plan was to spend the other 4 months, until Xmas and going back home for 2 weeks, in Indonesia. However due to the earthquake on Sumatra, 1 month visa and many poeple met on the way, we were there 1 month. We totally loved it. It is so differentiated in regards to culture, religion, nature, etc.! We visited Bali, Java and Sulawesi. Tonah Toraja on Sulawesi and participating there in its unique ... ceremonies are our favourite memories from there.

Then we visited South-Est Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Where Laos and Cambodia turned out to be our favourite ones. We loved SE Asia in general and we have missed it in South America actually, because it is cheap, safe and friendly. Just before going home for Xmas, Monia's sister – Gosia – came to Thailand and Michal went to the monastery for a meditation course.

Currently, we are in South America. We have now 2 months left of our travels. We have visited so far – Argentina and Chile, where we spent of the time in wild Patagonia. Now, we are in Peru, where we spent very special Easter in Ayacucho.

Please have a look at our photos from the whole trip. There are comments under them, which will tell you in more details what happened to us since June 2007. :)

Read the interview with us in magazine WarsawFaces
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