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Monika Przybysz, before Monika Karolak

A fresh wife! :) I love people and making surprises! Travelling, conversations with people and a good book are worth of my unslept night.

Places, which I managed to see so far are: almost whole Europe, Australia, Argetina, USA, Marocco, Israel, Bahamas, Canarian and Carabean Islands, Tahiti, Marquesas and Toumotus Islands, Giblartar and Green Cape Islands.


Motto of my life - "I want to be happy and make happy all other people who are important and close to me".

Name - Michal, last name - Przybysz, nickname - most of people just call me "Przybysz" ( I know it is hard to pronoune;). Przybysz in the direct translation from Polish means a "NEWCOMER".

Although I am only twenty something years old, I was lucky to experience some amazing things in my life... And I hope that it is just the beginning! :-)

I was a counsellor and an instructor at youth camps (life guard, sailing instructor, etc.) In my free time, I try to go out and travel with my friends as much as possible. And I do as much sport as I only can (which unfortunately, in so called "grown-up" life, doesn't happen too often, though).

I am an economist with some psychological background. My career... Well, it is the web site about my hobby and holidays, so it doesn't matter. All I want to say is that I do work, and I like my job. You can see results of my and my co-workers work here and!

Monia - Monika Przybysz, before Monika Karolak and Michal Przybysz