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This trip is making our dreams come true. It is not about seeing very many countries and jumping fast from one place to another. But this is about seeing and getting known to a few selected countries together with their citizents, customs and troubles of daily lives. The further from Poland and more difficult to get to, the better.

But formost, this is our honeymoon and the beginning of our live together. So this is also to getting to know each other and ourselves. We are going to have a lot of time to observe, think and talk to other people... This can make us come to some interesting conclusions....

The idea of trip is too GO SLOW, so something oposite to our normal life ;)

go slow

As far as the trip's route is regarded, we know it only roughly so far. Even our tickets are only one-way tickets instead of typical round the world tickets for backpackers.

We are starting in Sydney (although this is only a few day stopover, then Fiji (also a stop over) and then eventually to join Seawanhaka yacht in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.
Then we would like to visit Indonesia and South America next year. That is all we know at this point. :)

Monia - Monika Przybysz, before Monika Karolak and Michal Przybysz