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This is really asbout making the dreams come true. We would like this site to capture happy trips and adventures of families and couples. No matter if you are married or not! No matter if this a honeymoon or a short trip to the countryside or a longer one to New York, Mexico or just outside you house.

Let's show together to other people, how our dreams are coming true and how we are enjoying our lives, by adding our photos and stories presenting small and big adventures. Let's rank and comment them. Let's be an inspiration for each other.

The first idea to create this site was really to present photos and stories from our yearly honeymoon trip around the world online for our friends and families. However while talking about this to many people we realized that:
- how very few couples get stuck in their daily routine lives,
- and on the other hand many couples are making their dreams come true.

And this is how we decided to come up with a site which would be something more than just a regular blog from our trip. You are to prove if that is a good idea! :) If you keep adding your photos, it would mean that yes! :) We will keep adding ours!

Please join our site and enjoy!


Monia - Monika Przybysz, before Monika Karolak and Michal Przybysz